Background and aims

The regional impacts of global climate change are diverse. Thus, for a target-oriented adaptation to climate change it is necessary to consider previous as well as future alterations in a broader spatial context – beyond national borders.

Within the project Saxon and Czech climate experts commonly strive for a transboundary information basis on climate change and its regional impacts. The major aim of the project is to jointly analyze currently visible changes in the Saxon-Czech border area through the combination of Saxon and Czech climate data. In a further step the possible development of future climate and connected uncertainties will be projected based on different scenarios and climate models.

Project aims:

• Common climate diagnosis for the years 1961-2010

• Development, assessment and provision of a transboundary projection of future climate development until the year 2100 based on current scientific methods

• Regional differentiated analysis of relevant climate parameters by considering the complexe orographic conditions in the border area

• Initiate and improve the cross-border exchange of information about climate change

• Communication of the project results to actors working in the fields of environment and nature protection, regional planning, agriculture, forestry, water management, tourism and public administration

• Provide information about climate change to the public in the border area through regional events, presentations, publications and information panels