Work packages

During the project lifetime from January 2013 until December 2014 three work packages are being implemented. They partly follow each other but are also running coevally. Within the work packages concrete tasks are being fulfilled by the project partners:


Work package 1: Establishment of the project basis

1.1) Investigation of existing studies, methods and results and their transferability to the Czech-Saxon border region

1.2) Fine-tuning of all working steps of this work package, software selection for data quality control and homogenization, transboundary internal software training

1.3) Data investigation and conversion, quality control, homogenization, filling data gaps, data processing


Work package 2: Diagnosis and projection of the regional climate

2.1) Common regional differentiated analysis of the observed data including a cross-border climate diagnosis

– Description of climatic charactersitics, commons and differences in the project region

– Analyzing climate change  (e.g. regional trend of temperature, analysis of the recent precipitation trends by considering the current patterns, extreme events)

2.2) Development of the climate projection by means of the statistical model Werex based on the elaborated base data; provision, processing and qualification of dynamic projection data sets (Aladin-Climate-CZ; RegCM; REMO); bias correction of the dynamic model results


Work package 3: Knowledge transfer and public relations

3.1) Public relations activities to spread the results to the local media and to the target groups of the project; compilation of information material like flyers, newsletters, posters etc.

3.2) Installation of information panels about topicslike climate and climate change in the border area to raise awareness

3.3) Establishment and maintenance of a common bilingual project website

3.4) Visualization and provision of high resoluted and spatially consistent regional climate projections for the border region in a web-based information system

3.5) Evaluation of the results of the climate diagnosis for optimizing the regional projection of the border area in the future

3.6) Realization and provision of two bilingual  publication (short and long version) about the project results

3.7) Target-oriented presentation of the project results on regional stakeholder-meetings in Saxony and North Bohemia

3.8) Organisation and realisation of the projects final conference for raising the awareness of several actors, to create a denser scientific network and to present and discuss the project results